Daniele Strawn & JoLee Blooms

From her first memories playing in the evergreens & waterfalls of the Olympic Peninsula, to weeklong  backpacking adventures along California's golden coast - Daniele has always had an intimate bond with nature and her appreciation for the outdoors and all of its' many splendors has only grown and deepened over the years.

With an eclectic background in Event & Project Coordination, Interior Design & Architecture, Business Administration and Outdoor & Elementary Education, plus a lifelong love of gardening (that started in her grandfathers' - the namesakes of the business - gardens), Daniele began honing her farming & floristry skills in 2013 as a co-owner and farmer florist for the former Chica Bloom Farm & Floral in Petaluma, CA.

With all her love, commitment, and joy, Daniele is proud to introduce you to JoLee Blooms & Design - a boutique flower farm, sustainable floral design studio and event coaching business located in the sunny hills of West Sonoma County. Decorating and coordinating weddings, events, homes & more throughout the Bay Area since July of 2016.

Naming the business JoLee is my way of paying homage to both of my grandfathers, Joe and Lee, as well as our french heritage.
Both men were raised on farms during the great depression, were avid gardeners in their later years and were the ones who taught me what it means to have a green thumb and to enjoy hard work outdoors.
It seemed fitting that their names combined sound so feminine and french as I am the only one in my family of french descent to be pursuing a life in agriculture. My passion and love for using the flowers I’ve grown and turning them into unique floral creations for your special day is an added touch of femininity & beauty that I am proud to add to my family’s agricultural legacy.
— Daniele Allion Strawn, Owner

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