Announcing JoLee Blooms & Design!

It's official folks!
After 3 1/2 seasons with my first love as a farmer florist - Chica Bloom Farm & Floral - I am branching out on my own with JoLee Blooms & Design! 

JoLee is named after my grandfathers, Joseph and Lee. Both men were midwest farm raised and avid gardeners throughout their lives. My first experiences in gardens were those made in my grandfathers' sanctuaries where tomatoes grew fresh on the vine, weeds needed pulling and fresh food needed harvesting. I have the fondest memories of visiting them in their gardens and remember the honor of being invited inside to help out, ask questions, and taste delicious food right from where it grew.

Now, all these years later, and long after both have passed on, I am carrying on the garden farmer family tradition, hoping to make Lee and Joe proud as they look down from above. And I'm truly excited to invite you all into my virtual garden here on the web with the full disclaimer that this is still a work in progress.

Stayed tuned for my official OFFICIAL launch on 7/15!

Excitedly yours,

Daniele Jeanne