JoLee Blooms Flower Share: Week 1 - PART TWO

And here we go!

A signature Garden Wild Arrangement featuring late Spring and early Summer annuals like sweet peas, poppies, scabiosa, and laceflower.

A signature Garden Wild Arrangement featuring late Spring and early Summer annuals like sweet peas, poppies, scabiosa, and laceflower.

Our weekly summer flower shares have officially begun and we are so thrilled to share our harvest with you!

First of all, heading out to the field to hand select each and every stem for a number of different individuals was such a thrill!! 

Often times harvesting for weddings consists of gathering up larger quantities of fewer items. All of the stems are going into similar designs for one big event. The culmination is always so gratifying, but the process can become more mechanical, especially when you're cranking out centerpiece after centerpiece. And harvesting for florists is similar, as it makes the most sense to gather up larger quantities of fewer items, counting 10 stem bunches, tying them with rubber bands and sorting them for delivery. The end result is buckets of beautiful blooms and smiling florists. Not too shabby!

That said, harvesting for you all was something all together different. As I went through the field, I hand selected color palettes that worked well together - a few stems of soft pink sweet peas, coral poppies, silvery dusty miler, white scabiosa and pops of purple sage. For others, I conjured up more robust colors; with bold red gladiolas, purple sweet peas, and magenta foxglove. Whatever the specific blend of colors and textures your bouquet or arrangement has, just know I carefully gathered and hand-crafted each one and it was such a treat, so THANK YOU!

A few additional flowers I couldn't help but add in were coral carnations, pure white ammi majus and blush yarrow from our friend Zoe's flower field at Front Porch Farm in Healdsburg. 


Flowers and leaves to keep you nose out for...

One thing that can become foreign when we are used to buying spermarket bouquets are flowers with real scent. You'll quickly learn our bouquets are often busting with aromas - from the herbal leaves and the more antique garden flowers. This week's mixes include fragrant sweet peas, sage, mountain mint, scented geranium, yarrow, feverfew and carnations. Yes, those bright coral carnations are the clove-like smell you are experiencing and if for no other reason, I am on mission to bring carnations back to popular flower scene for their incredible scent - it's just so heavenly!

We hope you enjoy your bouquet and make sure to check out our previous post (, especially the section titled "Getting Started," to help review how to keep your flowers fresh for the long haul.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, full of flowers, friends and family!

~ Daniele and Jeremy


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