This week from the farm: 7/17/2017


Picture of Hedda Brorstrom, of  Full Bloom Flower Farm , with a beautiful bouquet she designed using a mix of our garden roses.

Picture of Hedda Brorstrom, of Full Bloom Flower Farm, with a beautiful bouquet she designed using a mix of our garden roses.

It sure is overwhelming how much beauty we are experiencing on a weekly basis at this time of year! In addition to more and more lisianthus buds popping open each day, we have a lovely selection of garden roses; some David Austin's and a whole slew of inherited bushes from two fabulous rose growers, Bonnie from Dragonfly and my dear friend, Freddy who grew garden wild cut roses for years, selling primarily in Marin. Because we have such a wide variety of rose bushes, it can be difficult to harvest just one variety per bunch. That said, we do have many varieties in similar shades and will harvest and bunch according to colors. So even though they are listed as mixed bunches, that can be misleading, and if you want a specific color bunched for you, do not hesitate to ask. For example, last week we had multiple bunches of these mixed bunches of simply gorgeous shades of peach and muted pink tones.

Heads up - I thought last week would be the end of the sweet peas, but they are still cranking and we have such a lovely selection - both in color and in smell. This may truly be the last good week of pure heaven, so don't delay on these babies!

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Let us know what we can harvest for you this week. We will be at the Sonoma Flower Mart this Wednesday (in Sebastopol, behind Taylor Maid and California Sister) from 7am-1pm. We may also be there this Thursday - TBD. If it is easiest for you to pick-up straight from the farm, in Occidental, that works, too, just let us know.

All pre-orders must be placed by Tuesday before 9am. Text or call 707.775.0101 or email

Hope you have a beautiful and bright week in flowers!

All the best,

Daniele and JoLee Blooms & Design